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Heart shape

We are Ocean

We are 36,000 feet deep. The great blue heart of our world. We breathe in, breathe out, ebb and flow of tide, guided by the twist of planets. We are joined of old, civilization sprung from us and needs us more than ever. We are the great conveyor belt, finding balance between hot and cold. Balance that permits all life. We breathe in, on city streets, over bridges, beside roads, in offices; sea air. We are ocean.

Millions of year ago we wriggled between grains of sand and started out on the journey to become fish. Humans come from the ocean. We are ocean.

We are climate. A great pattern of current and wind that creates a home for everyone, everywhere. We are resilience in the face of change. The ocean touches every living thing, no matter where it is. No blue, no green.​ We are ocean.

We are life on earth. Every second breath flows from us. Meanwhile, we absorb a full quarter of carbon dioxide. The lungs of the planet are blue​. Choked with plastic, acidic, stripped of life, they remain the reason we all exist. We are ocean.

We are everywhere. Under streets, beneath motorways, rivers and streams weave our way steadily back, joining city to sea. We are the world’s water​. We are ocean.

Being on, by, under, in or around the ocean feels good. Even thinking about it can lift our mood. We don’t need to be sailors, surfers or swimmers to feel its benefits. We have saltwater blood and blue minds. It is beyond the ocean and us. There is no division. We are ocean.

As children, we are almost 80% water and wonder is our currency. The sound of the ocean is in us all.​ We are ocean.

The ocean drives our economy. For the half of all humans that are coastal dwellers, for the billion people who need fish to survive, but for us all. Global trade, shipping and transportation depends on the ocean. The ocean is wealth. We are ocean.

The ocean is vast, but it can change. No matter how remote it feels, our actions are changing this vital part of who and what we are. What we do not see, we forget. We must remember.​ We are ocean.

The ocean is community. There is powerful hope in its capacity to heal. A new language of connection brings us together to create​ a new relationship.​ One of knowing about the ocean, understanding what is wrong and helping to fix it through our daily lives and actions. We are ocean.

We will hold ourselves and each other to the ideas above, for the good of the moving water that underpins all life. This is our pact for the ocean. This is our promise. We are ocean.